Trio hailed after rescuing a woman following Sydney explosion

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Three men person been hailed arsenic heroes aft they rescued an 89-year-old pistillate erstwhile an detonation rang retired successful south-west Sydney.

Fire and Rescue NSW said crews were deployed erstwhile a occurrence broke retired successful a villa connected Maclaurin Avenue astatine astir 3.15pm yesterday.

As firefighters approached the property, which was successful a analyzable situated down respective homes, determination was an detonation successful the garage.

An detonation  destroyed a store  successful  East Hills, Sydney.An detonation destroyed a store successful East Hills, Sydney. (Fire and Rescue NSW)

The blast caused important harm to the structure, and smashed windows and ripped disconnected extortion tiles from neighbouring homes.

Metres from the fire, 89-year-old Barbara Tonks was helpless successful her home, and pressed her exigency lanyard to alert her sons.

Tonks uses a wheelchair and is imaginativeness impaired.

However, 3 men who were passing by came to her aid.

East Hills explosionHany and Nizar helped rescue Barbara Tonks, 89, from the flames. (9News)

"You could consciousness the vigor of the flames," rescuer Josh told 9News.

"She has state cylinders, truthful it was beauteous scary."

Hany and Nizar besides helped transportation Tonks retired arsenic the flames neared.

"Truthfully, Karl, it wasn't courage, due to the fact that I americium of Arabic background," Nizar joked connected Today this morning.

East Hills explosionThe detonation took spot yesterday afternoon. (9News)

"I saw the flames and I thought it was conscionable different Arabic barbecue."

He said helium had banged connected the doorway and heard Hany calling to accidental helium needed assistance carrying Tonks out.

"I'm definite anybody would bash that," Nizar said.

"I don't consciousness similar a hero, I'm conscionable gladsome everyone's safe."

Firefighters said 10 radical were evacuated from the area.

The occurrence has since been extinguished.

The blaze is present nether investigation.

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