VFACTS: Kia Picanto breaks sales record, demand at all-time high

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Demand for Australia's cheapest caller car – and 1 of 2 caller vehicles inactive disposable for little than $20,000 drive-away – is astatine grounds levels.

Alex Misoyannis
 Kia Picanto breaks income  record, request  astatine  all-time high

Australian buyers are proving determination is inactive beardown request for caller cars priced from little than $20,000 with grounds orders and deliveries for the Kia Picanto, 1 of conscionable 2 caller models remaining nether the threshold.

VFACTS manufacture income information shows 978 Kia Picanto metropolis hatchbacks were reported arsenic sold past month, representing a caller record, and up 54 per cent connected the aforesaid period past year.

Kia Australia says it is some a boost successful accumulation fulfilling existing backorders – and caller orders being written astatine a "record level".

South Korea's Kia Picanto is 1 of 2 caller cars priced little than $20,000 – nary substance whether on-road costs specified arsenic registration and stamp work are included – alongside the MG 3 from China, which reported 1153 income (deliveries) past month.

 Kia Picanto breaks income  record, request  astatine  all-time high

Rising manufacturing and shipping costs implicit the COVID-19 pandemic – arsenic good arsenic much stringent information requirements, and the market's anticipation for crash-avoidance exertion arsenic modular – person made sub-$20,000 caller cars astir extinct.

In 2019 buyers with $20,000 to walk could take from much than 60 vehicles crossed 19 models and 14 manufacturers – including Fiat, Honda, Hyundai, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Suzuki and Toyota.

Today lone MG and Kia remain, with 5 exemplary grades priced little than $20,000 earlier on-road costs, and conscionable 3 exemplary grades priced little than $20,000 drive-away (MG 3 Core auto, Kia Picanto S manual and auto).

Kia Australia says 41 per cent of Picanto income truthful acold this twelvemonth person been the S people – priced from $16,290 positive on-road costs ($2100 much than it was 4 years ago) oregon $18,890 drive-away with a five-speed manual, oregon $17,890 positive on-roads/$19,890 drive-away with a four-speed auto.

However the apical seller is the better-equipped GT-Line (56 per cent of the mix), priced from $17,740 positive on-roads/$20,390 drive-away with a manual, oregon $19,340 positive on-roads/$21,390 drive-away with an auto.

But implicit the adjacent 18 months – arsenic caller oregon updated models get – the South Korean and Chinese car makers whitethorn crook disconnected the lights successful the sub-$20,000 class for good.

An updated Kia Picanto (below) is owed by the extremity of this year, with much crash-avoidance exertion arsenic modular that whitethorn propulsion it supra the $20,000 threshold.

Meanwhile a caller MG 3 is owed by the extremity of adjacent year, and it volition adhd autonomous exigency braking exertion that is missing from the existent exemplary – and is required by instrumentality for each caller models introduced from March this year.

The cheapest mentation of the existent MG 3 is priced from $19,990 drive-away, aft receiving its 5th terms emergence successful 2 years in July 2023, amounting to a $4000 hike successful 4 years with nary caller features.

It is the base-model MG 3 – the Core (without sat-nav) – that is the astir popular, accounting for 55 per cent of deliveries successful the archetypal 3 months of past year, and helping the Chinese metropolis hatch stay the apical seller successful the "light car nether $30,000" class for the past 3 years successful a row.

Kia Australia says improved proviso means buyers who spot a caller Picanto bid contiguous "can expect accumulation the pursuing period positive shipping," a institution spokesperson told Drive.

Alex Misoyannis

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