‘Vicious’ personal attacks on Greens MP draw complaints from cross-party MPs

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Two MPs person made complaints to the Speaker of the House of Representatives astir “vicious” attacks connected first-term Greens MP Max Chandler-Mather amid a stalemate successful parliament implicit an Albanese authorities argumentation to boost affordable housing.

Independent Helen Haines and the Liberal National Party’s Michelle Landry person spoken to Speaker Milton Dick to rise concerns astir Labor MPs allegedly personally abusing the Greens’ lodging and homelessness spokesperson successful parliament.

Independent MP Helen Haines (left) and the LNP’s Michelle Landry (right) person  spoken to the Speaker astir  Labor MPs allegedly abusing the Greens’ Max Chandler-Mather successful  parliament.

Independent MP Helen Haines (left) and the LNP’s Michelle Landry (right) person spoken to the Speaker astir Labor MPs allegedly abusing the Greens’ Max Chandler-Mather successful parliament.Credit: Alex Ellinghausen/Rhett Wyman

Haines, who spoke to Dick months ago, and Landry, who made her ailment this month, did truthful independently and without being asked by the subordinate for Griffith, who said Labor knew its lodging policies were indefensible “so they edifice to idiosyncratic attacks”.

“Labor MPs should bespeak connected wherefore they get truthful aggravated astatine a young renter for suggesting that the millions of radical doing it pugnacious merit much than crumbs, portion multinational corporations marque billions successful grounds profits,” Chandler-Mather said. “At the extremity of the day, I’m not peculiarly bothered [by the attacks].”

Haines said she had ne'er antecedently intervened connected behalf of different MP, but aft watching MPs outcry astatine Chandler-Mather, 31, erstwhile helium asked a question astir Labor’s $10 cardinal societal lodging fund, she felt compelled to talk to Dick and believed authorities MPs breached a caller codification of behaviour for parliamentary standards.

“It was loud. It was persistent. It was perfectly playing the person,” she said. “It did consciousness vicious and personal. It crossed a line, successful my opinion.”

Haines said she had noticed an betterment successful MPs’ behaviour since her complaint.

When the caller codification of behaviour was endorsed by the parliament successful February, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said “they volition acceptable and enforce a amended modular of integrity, dignity and communal respect”.

Landry was motivated to intervene aft watching Labor MPs, including a minister, sledge Chandler-Mather from their seats and arsenic they walked down him erstwhile helium was delivering a code connected May 10.


The Brisbane-based MP was speaking astir the $10 cardinal lodging aboriginal fund the Greens are threatening to artifact successful a months-long stand-off driven by the Greens’ content that not capable wealth was being spent to urgently ameliorate the deficiency of societal housing.

In the code – which drew large interjections from Labor MPs including “sit down, moron” – Chandler-Mather accused Labor of lying, siding with spot developers, “crushing the hope” of struggling Australians and “trying to bash you down”. “How situation you?” helium said. He ended the code successful tears arsenic helium told the communicative of a struggling constituent.

Landry said of the episode: “He was passionate astir the communicative helium was telling and they were conscionable into him, and helium ended up successful tears. There’s been immoderate vicious worldly said.”

“I evidently don’t hold with galore Greens’ policies. But he’s a young antheral and I’ve got a girl the aforesaid property … We privation to promote young radical into politics.”


Landry and Haines did not mention circumstantial examples of the connection directed astatine the Greens MP, but some described it arsenic worse than that directed astatine immoderate different MP successful their clip successful parliament. Haines was elected successful 2019 and Landry successful 2013, aft a vitriolic word successful which Julia Gillard gave her celebrated misogyny code accusing the Coalition of repeated sexism directed astatine her successful parliament.

A spokesperson for the Speaker said helium was alert of the complaints and helium had gained a heightened consciousness of interactions betwixt MPs during debates. The Speaker volition beryllium monitoring the issue, the spokesperson said.

Foreign Minister Penny Wong was forced to retreat remarks she made successful the Senate astir Chandler-Mather this period aft she said, “this man’s ego is much important than lodging for women fleeing home unit and each the women astatine hazard of homelessness”.

The lodging argumentation statement has offered a glimpse of the antipathy Labor figures consciousness towards the Greens.

Political strategists judge the Greens airs a growing electoral threat but galore Labor MPs privately and publically authorities the Greens are disinterested successful applicable outcomes and defined by unreasonable argumentation demands and protests.

The Greens’ telephone to ballot against the lodging measure if its demands aren’t met contains governmental risk, but the party’s leaders judge it is supported by a increasing fig of voters facing expanding economical stress.

Chandler-Mather, a Labor Party subordinate successful assemblage who won his spot disconnected Labor, has since built a illustration connected the near of politics.

A video of his May 10 speech has been viewed 1.5 cardinal times connected TikTok. By comparison, conscionable 2 of the Labor Party’s TikTok videos person been viewed much than 150,000 times since the past election.

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