Volkswagen electric pick-up for the US all but ruled out – report

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The Volkswagen Group is processing a dedicated electrical level for its revival of the Scout brand, but the German institution says it has nary plans for a battery-powered pick-up with a VW badge.

Jordan Mulach
Volkswagen electrical  pick-up for the US each  but ruled retired  – report

The caller brag of Volkswagen has thrown acold h2o connected speculation that the German car elephantine volition present an electrical pick-up successful the US, according to overseas reports.

In February this year, erstwhile Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess fuelled speculation that the car-maker would make an electrical pick-up to rival the fashionable Ford F-150 Lightning during a unrecorded question-and-answer league connected societal media level Reddit.

This was followed in May by the Volkswagen Group announcing its plans to revive the Scout nameplate – antecedently owned by International Harvester – for a caller line-up of electrical off-road vehicles successful the US.

The Scout marque volition beryllium centred astir an electrical SUV erstwhile it launches successful North America successful 2026, though the institution besides plans to motorboat an electrical pick-up, underpinned by a caller ‘Rugged’ platform.

Despite the Volkswagen Group processing a dedicated level for Scout’s electrical pick-ups, recently-appointed Volkswagen CEO, Thomas Schäfer, told Automotive News the German marque has nary plans to usage the architecture successful its ain models this decade.

Volkswagen electrical  pick-up for the US each  but ruled retired  – report
Above and top: Digital illustrations of an electrical Volkswagen Amarok by creator Theottle.

“At the moment, our absorption connected the line-up doesn't see it (an electrical pick-up),” Mr Schäfer told Automotive News astatine past week’s Los Angeles centrifugal show.

“We person a wide lineup each the mode done the 2nd fractional of this decade. Then again, successful the American market, if you don't play successful definite segments, past you person to enactment successful a definite marketplace stock area. 

“But the question of (Volkswagen’s caller Rugged SUV platform) is not our precedence astatine the moment.”

Volkswagen Group of America boss, Pablo Di Si, believes a caller pick-up “needs to beryllium electrified” if it was going to beryllium considered for the US, though the executive’s absorption is connected the booming SUV market.

"What are the applicable segments successful the US? SUVs and pick-ups. Are we going to person a pick-up? I volition try. Do we person 1 now? No," Mr Di Si told Automotive News

"Right now, my absorption is connected strengthening the SUV portfolio. I volition code pick-ups astatine the close time, but close now, I person different issues to tackle."

Volkswagen electrical  pick-up for the US each  but ruled retired  – report
Above: Volkswagen sold the Rabbit Pickup successful the US astir 40 years ago, badged successful Europe arsenic the Caddy.

It has been astir 40 years since Volkswagen past sold a pick-up oregon a ute successful North America, having sold the Rabbit Pickup (a Golf ute) successful the US betwixt 1978 and 1984.

Volkswagen launched the Amarok successful 2010 for markets specified arsenic Australia, South Africa, and South Africa, nevertheless the pick-up was ne'er sold successful North America.

While the first-generation Amarok was designed and built by the German car-maker, the forthcoming second-generation exemplary has been based connected the caller Ford Ranger.

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