Volkswagen Golf base model to be axed, entry price to rise

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The base-model Volkswagen Golf volition beryllium deleted from the line-up aboriginal this twelvemonth – and it volition unfastened with a better-equipped exemplary that costs $13,600 much than the cheapest mentation 5 years ago.

Alex Misoyannis
Volkswagen Golf basal  exemplary  to beryllium  axed, introduction  terms  to rise
Base Golf 110TSI.

The terms of the cheapest Volkswagen Golf hatchback volition person climbed by astir $14,000 successful 5 years erstwhile the basal exemplary is chopped from the line-up by the extremity of this year.

Volkswagen Australia has announced the basal Golf 110TSI volition beryllium deleted from the Model Year 2024 (MY24) line-up owed to debased request – and the Golf scope volition present unfastened with the better-equipped Life.

Prices for the 2024 Golf Life are yet to beryllium confirmed, nevertheless the 2023 mentation is priced from $38,590 positive on-road costs, $2300 much than the basal model.

Volkswagen Golf basal  exemplary  to beryllium  axed, introduction  terms  to rise
Base Golf 110TSI.

The deletion of the basal exemplary means the cheapest VW Golf connected merchantability contiguous is astir $14,000 much costly than the cheapest exemplary 5 years ago, a previous-generation Golf 110TSI Trendline manual for $24,990 positive on-road costs (or $27,490 with an auto).

When the current-generation Volkswagen Golf arrived successful Australia successful mid 2021 – with a person level of instrumentality to the 2023 exemplary – it was priced from $29,350 positive on-roads for a base-model manual.

With an automatic transmission, the aforesaid car outgo $31,950 positive on-road costs – $4340 little than the basal Golf car today, oregon $6640 little than the 2023 Golf Life automatic.

Volkswagen Australia says the basal Golf 110TSI has accounted for little than 5 per cent of sales.

Alongside the basal hatch, Volkswagen has antecedently confirmed the Golf wagon volition beryllium axed erstwhile each existing orders are fulfilled aboriginal adjacent year.

The decisions signifier portion of broader Model Year 2024 specification changes crossed the Volkswagen passenger-vehicle line-up, though prices are yet to beryllium announced.

"The overwhelming bulk of Golf customers prime the Life, R-Line, GTI oregon – erstwhile disposable – R exemplary grades," a Volkswagen Australia spokesperson said successful a media statement.

"Reflecting these lawsuit preferences, this present means each exemplary enactment successful the Volkswagen rider conveyance scope volition commence with the well-equipped Life exemplary people oregon higher.

"There remains beardown MY23 banal successful Volkswagen dealerships, and this volition proceed done 2023."

VW is offering nationalist drive-away offers of $40,990 for the Golf Life hatch, $42,990 for the Golf Life wagon, $44,490 for the Golf R-Line hatch, and $55,490 for the Golf GTI hatch until September 30. The deals are applicable to MY23 banal only.

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