Where are they now? The cast of Gossip Girl's real lives, partners and more over 16 years after the series premiere

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Dan was precocious reunited with on-screen Gossip Girl sis Taylor Momsen for an occurrence connected his podcast series, Podcrushed.

In a station connected Instagram, Dan said "She's thriving, and refining her lifelong trade arsenic a musician. I'm truthful blessed for you, Taylor."

During the interrogation Taylor explained wherefore she decided to permission the amusement successful Season 4 to prosecute her band, The Pretty Reckless.

"As soon arsenic I got to an property wherever I could marque my ain decision, it was similar a click," she explained.

"I don't cognize precisely what happened. But it's similar I woke up 1 greeting and went, 'Wait a second. I don't person to bash this... different job. I tin conscionable play successful my band, and I tin circuit and constitute songs.'"

She said she "uprooted and changed my beingness overnight," with the assistance of the Gossip Girl team.

"They truly allowed maine to travel my dream, and I'm everlastingly grateful and thankful to them for that," she said.

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