Why Nvidia is suddenly one of the most valuable companies in the world

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By Gerrit De Vynck

May 26, 2023 — 2.15pm

You whitethorn not person heard astir Nvidia, but acknowledgment to the artificial quality roar it’s present 1 of the astir invaluable companies successful history.

The institution has for years made the machine chips that tin tally graphics-heavy video games. But respective years ago, artificial quality researchers began utilizing those aforesaid chips to tally the almighty caller algorithms that were causing breakthroughs successful the field.

Nvidia co-founder and CEO Jensen Huang.

Nvidia co-founder and CEO Jensen Huang.Credit: AP

This week, the institution reported net and explained the unthinkable surge successful request it has seen arsenic the tech satellite races to make caller versions of AI – prompting perchance the largest one-day summation successful a company’s value, ever.

The 24 per cent emergence successful banal terms means Nvidia is present worthy $US939.3 cardinal ($1.43 trillion). That’s much than Tesla and Facebook, which are worthy $US584.7 cardinal and $US647.6 billion, respectively. And it sits conscionable down the large tech companies of Apple, Google, Microsoft and Amazon and Saudi authorities lipid elephantine Saudi Aramco – the lone companies much valuable.

Nvidia began successful 1993 arsenic the brainchild of 3 machine spot engineers, who predicted that arsenic computers developed, they would request to get amended astatine processing analyzable visuals. The stake paid off, and by the aboriginal 2000s, the institution had won a declaration to marque chips for Microsoft’s Xbox gaming console.


Since then, Nvidia has continued to turn arsenic the video crippled marketplace has exploded and eclipsed the film, tv and euphony industries successful sheer size and value.

But the existent roar has travel arsenic large tech companies and start-ups alike scramble to bargain the company’s graphics processing units, oregon GPU chips, for a wholly antithetic reason. The chips are well-suited to crunching the monolithic amounts of information that are indispensable to bid cutting-edge artificial quality programs specified arsenic Google’s PaLM 2 oregon OpenAI’s GPT4.

Nvidia has been steadily increasing its AI-focused concern implicit the past respective years, but the detonation of involvement and concern successful the abstraction implicit the past six months has turbocharged its sales.

Training AI models demands chips that person precocious amounts of memory, said Greg Osuri, the laminitis of Akash Networks, a marketplace for companies to merchantability entree to their GPUs to different firms that request it. “Nvidia happens to beryllium the lone institution that makes those chips.”

For months, start-ups trying to get into the AI contention person competed with large tech companies for Nvidia’s GPUs. At the Newcomer AI league successful March, David Luan, co-founder of AI start-up Adept Labs and a erstwhile Google and OpenAI engineer, said erstwhile an AI institution figures retired its concern model, they request task superior wealth truthful they tin statesman “sending checks to Jensen”, referring to Jensen Huang, Nvidia’s CEO.

By the aboriginal  2000s, Nvidia had won a declaration  to marque   chips for Microsoft’s Xbox gaming console.

By the aboriginal 2000s, Nvidia had won a declaration to marque chips for Microsoft’s Xbox gaming console.Credit: Bloomberg

A acceptable of 8 of the astir precocious chips tin outgo $US300,000, Osuri said. Companies bargain thousands of them. Twitter proprietor Elon Musk precocious bought astir 10,000 GPUs arsenic portion of his plans to commencement a caller AI institution of his own, according to a study successful Insider.

The motorboat of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, a chatbot that could person analyzable conversations, walk nonrecreational licensing exams and constitute machine code, successful November helped amusement the committedness of the technology, fundamentally serving arsenic a firing pistol for a caller AI arms race.

In a league telephone with investors connected Wednesday, Nvidia’s main fiscal officer, Colette Kress, called ChatGPT’s motorboat the technology’s “iPhone moment”, marking the constituent astatine which the satellite realised the imaginable for the caller tech.


“The exertion came unneurotic and helped everybody realise what an astonishing merchandise it tin beryllium and what capabilities it tin have,” Kress said.

Nvidia’s banal had already much than doubled this twelvemonth arsenic the AI roar took off, but the institution blew past already-high expectations connected Wednesday erstwhile it forecast that income successful the 2nd 4th would beryllium $US11 billion, compared with the $US7 cardinal that Wall Street analysts had forecast.

The numbers “blew everyone away”, said CJ Muse, an expert with Evercore. “No 1 saw that.”

The dependency connected Nvidia is truthful wide that large tech companies person been moving connected processing their ain competing chips, overmuch successful the aforesaid mode arsenic Apple spent years processing its ain chips truthful it could debar having to trust connected – and wage – different companies to outfit its devices. Google has built its ain “Tensor Processing Units” for respective years, and Microsoft and Amazon person programs to plan their ain arsenic well.

Even so, those alternatives won’t beryllium capable for the biggest companies, Muse said. “I deliberation Nvidia dominance volition continue.”

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