Working Out at Home? Here Are 9 Low-Impact Cardio Routines That'll Leave You Drenched

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Look, I'm each astir the jumping, sprinting, high-impact cardio erstwhile I'm exercising extracurricular oregon successful my gym's studio. But erstwhile it comes to working retired successful my apartment, erstwhile 1 incorrect burpee could nonstop maine crashing into my downstairs neighbors' surviving room? Not the champion idea.

Recently, I've gotten truly into doing low-impact cardio workouts connected YouTube. Even if you emotion your burpees, prima jumps, and jumping jacks, there's a spot successful your fittingness regular for low-impact cardio. When those jumpy, aggravated moves are disconnected the array — whether due to the fact that you're injured, tired, a beginner, coming backmost from a hiatus, oregon conscionable don't person the abstraction — low-impact workouts tin marque you interruption a sweat conscionable arsenic well. "Low impact" means you ever person immoderate portion of your assemblage (usually a foot) connected the floor, truthful you're doing immoderate jumping, hopping, oregon bounding. And though they're often confused, debased interaction doesn't mean debased intensity; you tin inactive get your bosom pounding erstwhile doing low-impact cardio moves. You're conscionable not leaving the floor.

Try 1 of the pursuing low-impact cardio workout videos — each from our award-winning YouTube channel, POPSUGAR Fitness — to spot for yourself; you're guaranteed to spike your bosom rate and prevention your floorboards portion giving your joints a break, too.

— Additional reporting by Lauren Mazzo

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